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The Reiki Crystals website is a resource which supports your interest in crystals along with a holistic approach to wellbeing. Whether you are looking for an unusual crystal to add to your collection; a beautiful gift; an improvement in your own wellbeing or to support others with theirs, we are sure you will find something of interest here. We hope you make good use of this website and the services which we offer. Inside you will find:

  • A Shop - packed with a fantastic range of shapes sizes and types of reiki active crystals.

  • Education - join us for your Reiki Learning journey from beginner to Master Teacher level.

  • Support & Guidance - if you are already an energy worker and looking for next steps.

  • Free Meditations - to help you develop and grow on your spiritual path.


Please do contact us with your questions about crystals, products and courses. We are here to assist.

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