Beautiful natural crystals - hand picked for you by Peaceful People

Based in the tranquil 'Island like' coastal town of Brightlingsea in Essex, England, Reiki Crystals operates from the Silver Topaz Crystal Shop and Therapy space. The services we offer include:

A Crystal Shop - packed with a fantastic range of shapes sizes and types of reiki active crystals

Education - supporting your Reiki Learning from beginner to Master Teacher.

Support & Guidance - for energy workers who are looking for next steps.

Spiritual Coaching - to help you develop and grow on your spiritual path.

Owners John and Emma are holistic therapists who have combined their love and knowledge of crystals with their calling to guide those seeking support with their own journeys into personal and spiritual development.
John is a musician, specialising in spiritual coaching, hypnotherapy & NLP and energy healing. Visit the following to find out more about his work in various areas:


Emma is an artist and reiki teacher, specialising in colour and crystal therapy and energy healing. Trained in a wide range of mind and body therapies , she coaches in various disciplines too. Find out more about her work and learning with Emma by visiting: 


Together, John and Emma have supported many thousands of people through challenging life changes with an in intuitive multi disciplined approach. Their unique portfolio of skills and abilities enable them to support you towards a greater sense of freedom, direction and peace in life. 

If you feel an affinity with their direction and services, get in touch today.

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