Carnelian crystals

Carnelian can be a stabilising crystal, however it can give you bundles of energy too. The balancing requirement of carnelian energy should be applied by the holder and not continuously. Its one thing feeling energised and another being over exuberant. 


It is brilliant for creative people and aids self expression. Making it perfect for artistic types and performers. It can help you to become happier and boost your self esteem. It encourages you to connect and embrace others and helps you to make your emotions o.k. Being o.k. is a good expression for Carnelian as it encourages you to do so on all levels of your life. 


If you want to connect to the past to let go and past lives to transmute Karma. Hold a piece of Carnelian in a deeply relaxed state of mind. It will show the way without fear. As it helps to clear all fears and anxiety. It is considered a grounding crystal for this reason.


Carnelian is a very beautiful Red to Orange colour.

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