Carved crystals

It this category you will find crystals that have been hand carved. Crystals can be carved into shapes of great detail. Some are ornamental and others a small enough to hold in the hand. Care goes into the making of such crystals. We always encourage people to really appreciate the beauty of each individual piece.

Popular carved crystals include:- 

Angels, elephants, hearts, pyramids, wands and spheres.

Its important that you find the right crystal for you. As well as the shape, pay attention to the metaphysical properties of the crystals you feel drawn. Remember it might not be you that it's intended for. As often we get prompted from our higher self to help others. There is also likely to be a symbolic reason to each individual shape. 


Whatever your reason for choosing a carved crystal we are sure we have an appropriate one for you.


Crystal angels

Beautifully hand carved 

crystal angels.

Selenite heart.JPG

Crystal hearts

Meaningful & tactile heart

shaped crystals


Pointed crystals

Purposeful and specifically

carved crystal points

Latest carved crystals