Manifesting with crystals - Clear quartz meditation

In this meditation you will be taken on a pleasant inner journey whilst incorporating the use of a clear quartz crystal. It is aimed at the spiritually minded, healers, Reiki practitioners, crystal enthusiasts, crystal healers and those seeking healing. It is designed to help you along your pathway and assist your spiritual development.


Grounding with crystals


The meditation starts by grounding to both the earth and body creating the basis for a pleasant and positive relaxation. Understanding you are connected to the earth in body and mind. This connection is shared with the clear quartz crystal as you will be directed to feeling and appreciating the energetic connection.


Connect with supporting energies


The listener is then pointed towards connecting with supportive energies. The meditator tunes into Reiki life force energy and uses this as the basis for the energy healing to take place. Trained Reiki practitioners should be able to sense this energy whilst others maybe developing to do this. There is a mindful approach throughout focusing on being present whilst encouraging the upholding of energetic presence in future day to day activities. If you do not work with Reiki energy you will be encouraged to notice and sense alternative suitable energies that are of the light and the highest good of you. This structures the meditation in such a way that accommodates all listeners.

Asking for guidance

You are then introduced to higher guidance through guides, angels and beings of light. This is another development technique. With some listeners able to connect easily whilst others will be listening to practice their skills in this way. Once this has taken place you are directed to ask for assistance along your pathway.


Manifesting through meditation

It is then time for the manifesting part of the meditation. Having already been asked to think about a positive outcome you want to achieve before commencement. As a listener you are guided to amplifying this intent out into the world via the clear quartz crystal. Shortly afterwards a being of pure light comes forwards to help assist bringing this into being within the physical and earthly reality.

Karma and emotional blockages


Karmic assistance is given along the dispersal of energetic and negative emotional blockages. You will also receive energy at this point for future insights that might be required to action your manifestation.

Chakra alignment

In the final stages of this deeply relaxing experience activation of the crown chakra is actioned (All chakras aligned at this stage). Through this chakra you connect to your higher self and permission is asked to proceed with your manifestation. This is understood to happen in junction with natural law. Your auric field will then be given an energy boost, again clearing any negative energy attachments along the way.


Thanks and gratitude are then given to the clear quartz crystal, your guides and helpers, your higher self and your physical body. Finally, depending on the time of day you are listening. You are given positive suggestions of clarity and freshness into the day or good night’s sleep. 

Clear quartz crystals to meditate with