Cut & Polished

Cut and polished crystals are ideal for crystal healers, collectors and for those that like to meditate with crystals. Each have been made from natural crystals and have been shaped to match the requirement of our customers.


Wands are great for those that are trained crystal healers. They can be used for meditation purposes also. As can palm stones. They are so smooth to touch and are a favourite of our customers. Tumble stones are great for placing on areas of the body for healing and brilliant day to day for protection. They also bring luck or a positive change in personal circumstances. 

To find the right crystal for you check out the crystal properties. Or type the words that you require in the search box above. 

crystal wands.jpg

Healing wands

Crystal wands that have been shaped to make the perfect healing tools.


Tumbled stones

Polished tumble stones for all your crystal needs. Ideal for chakra healing.


Palm stones

Palm stones are portable and comforting to hold in the hand.