Reiki level 2

In order to study Reiki 2 you must first have completed level 1. Reiki level 2 will enable you to become a qualified Reiki practitioner or healer. On this course you start on the journey of helping others in a more directed way. It is part of your overall life journey. Remembering the more to tap into the energy resource of Reiki. The more aware you will become. Eventually your overall life will start to change as you begin to see life through fresher eyes becoming more self reflective and grounded. 

Reiki 2 material covered


Learn how Reiki is an intelligent energy. When we apply our intent with Reiki it can manifest positive outcomes.

Reiki symbols

Discover how symbols have powerful energetic dimensions. Learn to use Reiki symbols day to and for healing.


Any healer must have self discipline. Discover how Reiki can keep your energy field clear & how this can keep you grounded.


You will be attuned to Reiki energy. This will allow you to heal others and to progress on your journey of self discovery.

Often people learning Reiki 2 describe a change in their overall view of life. Noticing nature more and considering all that is important to them. 


We will provide an appropriate amount of supervision to help you get started. This course is available either online or as a group person to person. This can be the beginning of a Reiki business whereby you offer Reiki as service. 

Skills you will learn on our Reiki 2 course


Develop your third eye and learn to intuitively scan another persons energy field for areas that most need Reiki energy.

Energy fields

Receive a more in depth understand of chakras, colours and how they relate to specific emotions, aliments and conditions.

Your Practice

We will give you advice on how to set up your Reiki practice and delivery Reiki healing to your clients. An important steip.

Reiki crystals

An introduction into how Reiki can be applied to crystals to help enhance their individual properties. 

The course is aimed at offering what you need to become a Reiki healer. It is not the same as some online courses whereby you will not get the personal contact. 


On our course we will talk to you either online or via the telephone. It is important to us that the traditional way of exchanging knowledge from teacher to pupil is carried out.


If you have any questions or to enroll on our Reiki 2 course contact us here.

Natural crystals