Rose quartz meditation - Healing the inner child

This crystal meditation takes the listener on a deep and relaxing journey whilst connecting to the healing properties of Rose quartz crystal. It recommends two pieces of Rose quartz one to be held in either hand. Stating that any piece of rose quartz can be used and that the exact same pieces shown in the video can be purchased from the website. It also offers the option of staring at the energy emitting rose quartz pieces shown. As it is suggested the viewer can benefit from the transmitting of the positive energies via the Rose quartz pieces on display.

As the meditation commences the listener is guided into a deep relaxed state. Offering perceptions of presence and mindfulness. Insights are also given to help the meditator connect with the crystals in hand. 

Energy connection

Gently the energy connection is initiated as you start connecting to Reiki life force energy. This is ideal for Reiki practitioners to practice and develop their connection. It is also good for those seeking healing as Reiki is an intelligent energy it will automatically go to the areas needing help. You will then be introduced to a vibrant pink and translucent light. The listener is also introduced to the idea that some people refer to the pink energy being associated with archangel “Hanael”. This concept is lightly touched upon as “Hanael” the angel of the planet Venus shares the same love properties as the Rose quartz itself.


Crystal calibration


The crystals in either hand are then calibrated to the male and female aspect of our body energy system. You will scan and soothe using the rose quartz crystals re-aligning any conflicts that might exist between the two. You will then channel and receive the positive vibrations of truth and honesty. Playing out into the world as the basis for the love connection to spirit, god and the angels.

Inner child healing

From there you will have set the basis to connect with your inner child. You will re-invigorate the curious and playful characteristics associated with being a child of the light. This is referred to as the child light body as you sense your very own representation of what your own inner child feels like. Healing is then given across all dimensions time and space and always for the highest good of you and everyone else involved.


Taking the energy forwards


The meditator is then secured and grounded in the Reiki life force energy and any healing received is compounded with the pink translucent light mentioned earlier. All positivity that has taken place is of the intention to be upheld and stay with the meditator for as long as necessary. This guided mediation can be listened to as often as necessary. There isn’t a set number of times required. However it is encouraged that you listen to your own intuition and find the right meditation for you as and when required. It is advised that the two Rose quartz pieces are held day to day to help reactivate and amplify the positivity that will have been received by listening to this guided meditation.

Rose quartz meditation crystals